A Message from our Minister

Rev Ann Knox

Dear Friends,


It feels as if someone has turned the clock back to March, a few sunny days and we dare to hope but normal service has returned. Or is it normal, there has been much talk of how we are being affected by climate change and predictions are warmer but wetter summers, yet those changes are still not as catastrophic as the ones occurring in places like Burundi as we heard during our Christian Aid Worship.

Our neighbours are near and far and once again the generosity of the folk of IPC is wonderful towards the work of CA in so many parts of the world.

Yet, we need to keep doing our part, and as was said at the General Assembly if one person brings a tin of beans (when talking about Foodbanks) it does not make that much of a difference BUT if all those at GA brought a tin of beans that certainly would. So, it is with our efforts to lower energy use, less paper. If we all do it then it makes more of a difference - working together towards the future for generations still to come.

Our Eco-group spoke of ‘no mow May’, and as a result of my longer grass I watched chaffinches eat the seeds from the dandelions that had grown, and there are flowers growing I haven’t seen before. Now I confess when I saw the fact it was to rain for the rest of May I did cut most of my grass, but on the highest setting and left a large part still untouched. We might not be able to do everything, but we can all do a bit. And that goes in the life of the church as well, if we believe Jesus has tasked us ALL to be part of his mission into the world what part, no matter how small, can you do?


Yours Ann