The Parish of Inchinnan is located in Renfrewshire and has been a centre of Christian Worship for over 1400 years. The earliest settlement was in 597 A.D. by

St. Conval, a disciple of St. Kentigern (also known as St. Mungo). The first structure would be roughly constructed of mud and wattles.


Named St. Conval’s the first church situated at the bridge at the Black Cart River was built about 1100, some 20 years before Glasgow Cathedral and 60 years before Paisley Abbey.

The lands of Inchinnan and the church were gifted by David 1 to the Knights Templar in the 12th Century. In 1560 patronage of the Church passed to the Lennoxes, then to the Duke of Montrose, then finally to the Campbells of Blythswood in 1737.


In 1828 the mediaeval building was in a dangerous condition and a new church of the period was erected by Major Archibald Campbell. At the end of the 19th Century Archibald, the first Baron Blythswood, financed the building of a new church.


This was built around the existing one so that services could continue during construction. The building was consecrated on 6th June 1904, being dedicated to All Hallows. The construction of the new airport for Glasgow at Abbotsinch resulted in the demolition of All Hallows Church. The closing service was held on 20th June 1965. Worship continued in the Church hall nearby till June 1968.


Park Church was built in the village in 1849 by Henderson of Park for the Free Church Congregation who, following the Disruption of 1843 had left the parish church and worshipped in a barn at Barsail.


On 10th June 1934 the congregation of Park Church was formally linked with that of All Hallows Church and in July 1938 the two congregations were united. Park Church continued to be used for worship till June 1968. The union is commemorated in the present Church by the presence in the side chapel of the Communion Table from Park Church and by the fact that the bells of both churches hang in the tower and call people to worship.

Extract from Historical Notes on the Church and Parish of Inchinnan

Written by Andrew L Tannahill


The foundation stone of the present church was laid on 19th November 1966 and was dedicated on 6th June 1968. The architects were Miller and Black, who incorporated as much as possible of All Hallows in the new building. The original flat roofs of the new building were replaced by pitched roofs from 1990 onwards.


At the heart of the Church lies the sanctuary, a beautiful area in which to worship, with its natural brick walls, stained glass windows and an abundance of daylight.

The prayer desk, pulpit and communion table look toward a stunning rose window at the rear of the Church.

Within the immediate vicinity of the sanctuary, there are several halls and rooms used throughout the week for our various organisations. There is disabled access to the main areas of the building, and an audio induction loop system for the hard of hearing in the Sanctuary. In addition we have a large car park and a grassed area used for a variety of activities.


Thirteen sculptured stones, including three from the early Celtic period, were removed from the site of All Hallows and transferred to the present church.


The original site of All Hallows, with the adjoining graveyard and our current Church building are included in Renfrewshire “Doors Open Day”