Kirk Session Minutes

The Kirk Session of Inchinnan Parish Church                  182

         Thursday 29th February  2024


At Inchinnan on the 29th February 2024 the Kirk session met as appointed and was constituted with Bible readings and prayer.


Rev Ann Knox with 13 Elders present met as appointed.

Apologies: were received from 2 Elders as recorded.

Minutes of the Kirk Session meetings of 29th January 2024 being in print and the hands of Elders were approved.

Approved  appointment of ordinary meetings 2024 in the Session House at 7.30pm.

Thurs 25/04/24  B- Mon 27/5/24 S  - Thurs 27/6/24 B

Holy week 24th March could be Thursday 21st if necessary.

Order of business and AOCB was approved.

 This is not a business meeting therefore Business arising is suspended until Business meeting of 25th April 2024.


Kirk Session appointed MW  Semple Session Clerk who took the Oath de fideli administratione.

Session Clerk:


Noted  : 1 Agreed -as a trial- the first 5 pews would be dressed for Communion

           2  Presbytery inspection of records was satisfactory.


Noted : 1  One new volunteer would attend training on the 23rd April 2024.

         2 Any volunteer no longer involved should inform Safeguarding.

Property Report:

The report was presented and the following deliverance was approved

1 Kirk Session Received the report

2 Approved Erskine tree surgeons to remove 8 trees to ground level at a cost of  £732.00

3 Request Presbytery and General Trustees to remove organ and console.

Noted Joe Blackwood will join the Property Team.

Hall Lets:

Marie Craig presented the report and the following deliverance was approved

1 Kirk Session received the report.

2 Approved:-

a N Burton hire main Hall with the Roland keyboard for a piano recital 18th May 2024

b Football Buzz  Main Hall Pre - school development

c Zumba charity event all day in November  - no charge.

Noted as urgent.:

Black chairs stored under stage is proving transporting up and replacing down. 

Eco Report:

Approved Application to Scot Mid for a grant £200.00 to purchase fruit trees.

Brighten our Corner/ Inchinnan Gala Day

Approved :

a  Co-ordinators Tom McConnell- Margaret McLeod- Maureen Barker- Stephen Russell

b  Gala Day 1st June 2024 11am -3pm

c  Budget for Gala Day £ 500.00 plus First Aid cover of £145.00

 Draft Plan discussion document

Agreed :

a After a lively discussion it was decided that amendments were required and report would be  re issued within 3 days.

b Elders have until 14th March2024 to decide which committee they will commit, responses to or 07960043669

The meeting closed with the Grace


Session Clerk…………………………………Moderator…………………………….