Young Church

Children are welcome to join us in worship and we have a crèche area at the right hand side as you enter the sanctuary.  Here, babies, toddlers, children  and the adults who are with them can relax and move around quietly while participating in worship. 

Children who are aged 3 or over may like to join the children of our Young Church who sit at the front before going out with their Leaders to continue their worship with crafts, games and stories in the hall

The Young Church is for children between 3-11 yrs.

The children of the Young Church take part in the Sunday service, then retire to the church hall to follow their own programme of study. 

For information about the Young Church Contact: Karen Christie


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Our young people's prayer that they share with us on a Sunday morning


Loving God,

We thank you for your love and care for us.

Help us grow in faith as we follow Jesus.

We are sorry when we have done something to hurt

 You or someone else, please forgive us and help us not to do it again.

You ask us to make this world a better place more like you want it to be.

Help us care for it and for others in all we do.Amen


Karen Christie, Una Wills, Marie Craig 

& Margaret Campbell

  Young Church Harvest Scarecrows

    Young Church Remembrance Poppies